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History of Keystone Landscaping

Keystone Landscaping is owned and operated by Bill Traut junior. He grew up in Sharon and was always outdoors whether it was working in his mother’s 3 large vegetable gardens or just playing in his sand pile construction site with his toy John Deere backhoe.

His father Bill Traut senior spent 35 years installing quality septic systems and excavating for foundations. His career was based on quality work, not making a quick buck.

When growing up Bill Traut junior worked for his father digging in the trenches to running the equipment. He also was head of grounds keeping at his high school, Xaverian Brothers running all of the maintenance responsibilities for the school grounds.

Through college he studied design at Rochester Institute of Technology, in the summers he worked with landscapers and masons learning the trades. He stepped away from all that to sharpen his design skills working for firms in Boston designing consumer products and developing his own product with an engineer’s help called The Dirty Bird, the septic vent concealer (www.thedirtybird.com). This product combines experience and knowledge of septic systems through working for his father and landscape aesthetics through his own experiences and professional training.

In 2006 Bill started Keystone Landscaping to fulfill his passion for creating and maintaining beautiful landscapes for families to come home to or get away to. His goal is to bring a little more peace and nature into your families lives in these busy times. He utilizes his design skills to create a full package and to work with families over time in phases to create their backyard oasis.